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Aug 25, 2023Aug 25, 2023

This is the final article in our nozzle knowledge series. In this article, we look at what information a nozzle supplier will request from you to specify the correct nozzles for your application. Having this information to hand will ensure an efficient specification and delivery process and will enable your supplier to identify any issues early in the process.Prefer to watch a video version, please click here? Or, if you would like to download a pdf version, click here.


Firstly, the most important piece of information we require is the application. Here at SNP, we have decades of experience dealing with various spray applications. If the application is specified at the start, our knowledgeable experts can offer immediate and useful advice from past experiences dealing with similar applications.


Our team need to know:


Our top targeting questions are:


When contacting us, we need to know if air is available. The top questions regarding air would be:


Our team need to know:


All data sheets are calibrated for water and if it is just water being sprayed, this isn’t an issue.

But if a different liquid is being sprayed with a different viscosity and specific gravity and surface tension, we will need to know what the fluid properties are to ensure the appropriate adjustments are made.

In a previous article, some equations were featured to show how spray factors such as flow rate and drop size are calculated.

The other fluid property that is important to understand is particulate content. How well filtered is the fluid going to be? If it's pure and very well filtered water, this gives us lots of options. But if there are going to be contaminants that can clog up the nozzle, our options become limited because we'll need to look at clog resistant nozzles.


If you can provide a nozzle supplier with as much of that information as possible, they can easily specify the correct nozzle. In some applications, we realise that not all of this will be precisely defined but a good supplier will be able to guide you through the process.

For more technical nozzle and spray information, head to the resources page of our website here.

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